Sam Harris Waking Up App

The Waking Up app is a product of the Waking Up organization, owned and operated by Sam Harris. The Artwork for the app may have been created by an in-house team or by a third-party agency or artist.

The Artwork Waking Up App’s prominent artists include Andy Jepson, Diana Colton, and Juan Carlos Escalante. In addition to them, many other artists have donated their Artwork to the app. Thus painting is themed according to different personalization. The only motive is to find and improve the sleeping cycles.

To discuss the factors of artists, here we are going to state a complete guide to you in the content section depicted below so that you can have a general point of discussion about the waking-up app.

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Sam Harris Waking Up App

The Waking Up app is a meditation and mindfulness app developed by neuroscientist, philosopher, and author Sam Harris. 

The app is specifically designed to improve sleep for people who face uncertainty. The app mainly features guided meditations, talks, and exercises to help users. It helps them to develop their mindfulness and meditation practices.

In addition to this, the app is based on Harris’s. This basic foundation of the app helps the users cultivate a deeper understanding of the nature of the mind. This thing will promote well-being, wisdom, and compassion altogether.

For the ease and convenience of approachability, the app is available for the use of iOS as well as Android platforms. The interface of the game has been designed and illustrated by various artists. Their art and experience help the authors promote the app’s use and application.


Sam Harris Waking Up App


List of Artists

Here we list some of the most popular in-house team artists for your knowledge and information.

  • Diana Colton is an emerging artist who works in a specific field or location. Diana Colton is a common name and is an artist, designer, or illustrator who is not publicly associated with the Waking Up app. She usually works on delicately painting and plays with bright colors. She belongs to America and is mainly inspired by nature and human form.
  • Juan Carlos Escalante belongs to Mexican culture and most commonly resents the act, mainly powerfully manifested by political issues. He is an artist and a graphic designer and is known for his digital art, illustration, and graphic design work. He has worked on various projects such as advertising, editorial, packaging, and branding. Additionally, he has created images and designs for multiple brands and companies. His style is characterized by strong use of color, typography, and geometric shapes.
  • Samuel Araya – is an artist and illustrator from Chile known for his dark and fantastical illustrations. He has worked on various projects, including book covers, album covers, and pictures for comics and magazines. His work comprises the strong use of black and white, focusing on detailed linework and light and shadow to create a sense of depth and atmosphere. He has illustrated for several fantasy, horror, and science fiction books and comics, and has worked for various role-playing games, card games, and app designing Artwork.
  • Andy Jepson is another big and familiar name in Artwork for Sam Harris Waking Up App. He is UK – a based freelance artist.
  • Jakub Grygiel – Jakub Grygiel is a Polish artist and illustrator known for his work in fantasy and science fiction illustration. He has created illustrations for various book covers, comics, and other publications. He has worked with clients such as Fantasy Flight Games, Penguin Random House, and Wizards of the Coast. His style comprises the intense use of light, color, and texture to create a sense of depth and atmosphere in his illustrations.
  • Oliver Leung – He is a native of Hong Kong and a famous graphic designer and creative freelance artist.

Apart from all this, these are some of the most respected names in Artwork for the Sam Harris Waking Up App. Being in a team, they all develop different innovative and enchanting images and interface aspects for the app.

Effectivity of App

Regarding the effectiveness and reliability of the Artwork donated by outstanding artists, the app has received positive reviews from users and experts. Many users have found the app helpful in developing their meditation and mindfulness practices because they need proper sleep and face many other concentration issues.

Not only this but the app is also reliable for its high-quality content. It can help users deepen their understanding of the mind and promote well-being. However, it is also essential to note that while the app can be helpful, it is not a substitute for therapy or other professional help. If you have any mental health concerns or other related issues, it is essential and best to consult with a doctor or a therapist as soon as possible. To resolve all sorts of problems for a healthy lifestyle.

The Final Statement

Overall, the Waking Up app offers a unique perspective on meditation and mindfulness. Meditation and mindfulness practices have numerous benefits for human health. Regular exercise can help reduce stress, improve focus, increase empathy and compassion, and even change how the brain functions.

So, we hope the information stated above proves helpful for your creative interest.


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