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Types of Telecommunication Jobs

General Article

The telecommunications field might seem complicated, but most of the job roles within it are fairly straightforward. Telecom helps run the modern world by providing phone lines, internet services, and other connectivity between people so everyone can stay in touch and be productive. Whether you’re interested in looking at “telecommunications Nashville” or jobs in Atlanta, Miami, and New York, the offerings are typically the same nationwide.

Customer Support

For someone interested in the field but without formal training, customer support might be a great role. These are the people working in the call centers to help users overcome simple problems and frustrations. It’s a great role for someone who loves problem-solving and working with others. It also takes a patient, caring character to perform well because you’ll be dealing with frustrated customers most of the time you’re at work.

Telecom Techs

Technicians are responsible for helping engineers with the technical sides of telecom. They might go out on jobs with them and help with diagnosing network problems, repairing downed lines or broken transformers, and thinking of solutions to common issues. These people might have an associate’s or trade degree and typically have some experience in the field before assuming their roles.


Engineers in telecommunications usually hold at least a bachelor’s degree in electrical or mechanical engineering. These are the brains behind the systems. They help to develop and build the complex inner workings of telecommunications and troubleshoot potential problems. They can also help with making speeds faster, use more efficient, and the overall experience better. Engineers should have some knowledge of infrastructure and large-scale technological systems to be effective in this role.

Telecommunications is a large field with opportunities for people at every level of education. No matter what you like to do, you can probably find a space to shine in the telecom industry.