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If you want to check out the social activity of a friend or user on Snapchat, you first go to find out the snap score of the person’s profile. Clearly, it justifies any person’s action on this multimedia messaging app that is  popular among teenagers and young adults.

For checking someone’s snap score, you must have added them as friends to your account. When you are a friend, tap on the profile section of your friend, and you will see the snap score right below the username of the profile section. This score will precisely indicate your friend’s complete snap record that has been performed on their profile.

Thus, to provide a more detailed perspective of the query How to Check Someone’s Snap Score? Here we will state a comprehensive analysis to you in the section below. So that you can have a quick and immediate overview of your friend’s engaging activity on Snapchat.

So, let’s explore the details next;

Snapchat – Multimedia Messaging App

Snapchat is one of the most popularly approached messaging applications that contain extreme safety aspects. These aspects cause people to get over the platform.

Moreover, the users who are using the app can effectively capture their pictures and videos. They can also enhance their photos with text and drawing features. You can send these snaps to your favorite persons with complete privacy. You can only see these snaps for a limited time.

The app also includes face-enhancing features like filters, lenses, and stories, allowing users to add special effects to their photos and videos and share them with a broader audience. You can even share your location with your fellows with the help of Snap Map. It also includes a feature called Discover, where publishers and brands can share content with users.

Snapchat Score

Overall, snap score defines the number of snaps that a user has sent and received and are publicly visible on a user’s profile. Many people check their friends’ scores to track how often they are using the app and how engaged they are with the community.

snapchat score

Checking Snap Score

If you are a regular user of Snapchat, it is easy for you to track the snap score of your friends and your profile. Here we will depict the complete process that will help you resolve this query.

For the process initiation;

  1. First, you are required to open the Snapchat app on your mobile device, and you can even access the Snapchat account on Windows for convenience.
  2. If you do not have an account on your device already, you need to log in.
  3. After this, you need to move to your profile section, which is located on the top of the portion by the left side of the interface of Snapchat.
  4. Your Snapchat score will be displayed right under your username.
  5. On the other side, If you want to track the score of your friend. Search for the name of the friend in the search bar. 
  6. Tap on the profile bitmoji, which will take you to your friend’s profile. 
  7. Same as yours, their Snapchat score will be displayed under their username.

Why Do We Find Snap Scores?

Snap Score is a feature on the social media platform Snapchat that assigns a numerical value to a user’s account based on the amount and frequency of their activity on the app.

This score is visible to other users and can be used as a way for users to gauge the popularity or activity level of other users on the platform. Some people may find it exciting or fun to see how their score compares to others.

In addition to this, the snap score mainly goes for the detailed demonstration of;

  • Your friends on Snapchat
  • The snaps that you send and receive daily.
  • Stories that you are viewing and posting
  • Videos that you seek in explore section

Apart from all this, if you keep sending the snaps to people simultaneously, you might seek bonus points for your continuous activity.


We have tried to present a comprehensive guide to you in terms of providing precise and accessible information for tracking the snap score of your friend profile. You may seek the video tutorial guidance if you still have any queries.

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