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Child Care Facilities and Creating a Schedule

General Article

Running a childcare facility can be overwhelming at times as there are specific things that need to go in every child’s schedule including naptimes, a variety of daily activities, and outdoor playtime. Within your schedule, it is important to include learning activities for all different age groups to help them getting to read for pre-k and kindergarten. Alongside children’s schedules, the most important factor in running any type of child care management program is making sure each and every child is safe at all times at your center, as well as at home.


For children 4 and under, naptime is extremely important for not only brain development but also because their day consists of playtime and learning activities that are bound to wear them out and make them cranky. For infants, naps should be given anytime they start to act tired. One of the most beneficial times to add a nap into their schedule is after lunch when they are halfway through the day and have a full belly. This will allow them to rest before they start taking on the rest of the day’s activities before going home with the parents when they come to pick them up.

Daily Activities

When creating an activity schedule, it is important to make a mix between educational and fun due to the fact that children under the age of five tend to have a short attention span. Some activities you can include are finger painting, reading, chalkboard numbers, and sharing time so children can all show off their favorite toys. By adding fun into educational activities, they will be so caught up in the fun that they are having that they will not realize that the entire time they are playing, they are learning as well.

Outdoor Playtime

One of the most important parts of a child’s day at daycare is being able to run around outside for fresh air and sunlight. This gives them time to stretch and interact with other children while they are taking a break from indoor activities. Always take into consideration the time of year it is when recess starts and whether they will need cold weather clothing or short sleeves with sunblock. During the winter season, keep in mind that if you are cold, always add one more layer of clothing than you have on as their little bodies to do heat up as well as ours.

Childcare facilities are all run by state regulations revolving around child safety and specific nutritional diets if needed. Next to state laws, all daycares should have set schedules for children that involve outdoor playtime, naptime, and a variety of educational activities. When you are creating a schedule, be sure to keep in mind the different age levels of children and what each child’s interests are. This will help keep every child occupied and happy throughout the day so the next day they are excited to be dropped off at the front door by their parents.