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Best Practices for Preventing Cyber-Attacks This Year

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In the recent years, the threat for cyber-attacks has been transforming and increasing tremendously. As individuals and businesses become more connected through technology, malicious individuals use the opportunity to stage cyber-attacks. And since these incidents are affecting everyone, including giant corporations, it doesn’t mean that we have to get used to them. Actually, we should use it as an opportunity to learn more about the hacking trends and the steps involved in preventing future attacks. While there is no easy of protecting your online presence as an individual or for your business, there are a handful of things that you can do to scrap your name from the list of victims of cyber-attacks.

Learning About the Latest Hacking Trends and Creating Awareness

You cannot protect yourself from something you don’t know about. A secure online presence begins with an aware individual. The attackers capitalize on human error to launch their cyber-attacks to your personal or business devices.

A good example is the use of passwords. Many people will opt to go for passwords that are easy to remember at the expense of securing their devices from cyber-attacks. Crafting passwords from personal information makes it easy for an attacker to crack it.

The best thing is to use a combination of both lowercase and uppercase letters when creating a password. Adding numbers and special characters will help in adding another layer of security to your password. A majority of the cyber-attacks also occur as a result of installing malicious software to both personal and office computers. The best thing is to learn and educate employees on how to handle technology securely.

Keep Everything Updated

Nowadays, almost every household and office device is connected to the internet, and this could be a potential threat. If you want to keep off cyber-attacks, then keep these devices up to date. Attackers can use these devices to send bugs and glitches, which in turn helps them to breach security. Keeping your devices updated will help to increase their security.

Investing in Technology

Nowadays, it is effortless to get your hands on the pirated software. Although buying pirated software could sound like a good idea, it will eventually cost you more in case of an attack. Businesses and individuals should invest in original software to counter the threat from cyber-attacks. Pirated software creates an easy avenue of spreading malware such as the ransomware that cost businesses a lot of money this year. Besides buying original software, it is also important to install a network security scanner, run firewalls and other programs that will ensure that your cyber security is intact.

Create A Backup for Everything

Earlier this year, attackers unleashed a malware that ‘kidnapped’ users’ data and then went ahead to ask for ransom for the ‘kidnapped’ data. To avoid this, ensure that you have a backup for all your data. Most of the attackers are capitalization on this technique to terrorize people. Keep yourself safe by saving a copy of all the data.